Jeff and Larry Deverett are mirror image twins.  They look and talk exactly the same but they have some very unique differences.  Jeff has 4 sons; Larry has 4 daughters.  Jeff writes left handed; Larry writes right handed.  Jeff golfs right; Larry golfs left.  Jeff has a pudgy right thumb and a thin left thumb; Larry has the exact opposite.  This is no coincidence; it is the phenomenon of "mirror image" twins.


What is most intriguing is the difference in their lifestyles.  Jeff has chosen to live a secular "American Dream" lifestyle in California where he PLAYs a lot of golf and enjoys the daily pleasures of Country Club living.  Larry has chosen to live a very spiritual religiously observant lifestyle in the Holyland (Israel) where he PRAYs and studies many hours a week and focuses on further enhancing his connection with God.  Jeff PLAYs; Larry PRAYs.


For 20 years Jeff and Larry have been discussing and debating "who has a better and more fulfilled life?"  Is it the secular brother Jeff, with his life of physical pleasures - PLAY; or is it the religious brother Larry, with his life of spirituality - PRAY?


Follow Jeff and Larry as they discuss some of the most challenging and important questions in life.  This is a fascinating dialogue for people of all religions, nationalities and cultures to examine their own lifestyle decisions and try and determine what makes for a better life; PRAY or PRAY?