About the book

Jeff and Larry Deverett are mirror image identical twins whose lives were virtually parallel for the first 30 years..  Then Larry went searching for a greater sense of meaning & purpose and he found it in Judaism.  Since then the brothers have been arguing about who has a better life, the twin who focuses on the physical pleasures in life or the twin who focuses on the spiritual pleasures?  They both have good lives, but if you had to choose, who's life would it be?  


In 2011 Jeff and Larry decided to consolidate their debates into a book . . . and two years later they published PLAY or PRAY.  It is an extremely interesting and engaging exchange between passionate identical twins who despite their incredible physical similarities could not be anymore different spiritually.  PLAY or PRAY challenges the reader to think about some of the deepest & most important questions in life.


Follow Jeff and Larry as they debate about God and religion, purpose and meaning, fate and freewill, honesty, success, happiness and so much more.   And their twin switch stories and personalities help to lighten up the conversations.  

Table of Contents


The FRONT Nine

Chapter 1 :  Introduction / who we are / why we wrote this book

Chapter 2 :  Our lives as mirror image twins

Chapter 3 :  Getting to know us as individuals

Chapter 4 :  Family / Children / Relationships

Chapter 5 :  Love / Marriage / Sex

Chapter 6 :  Being a GOOD person

Chapter 7 :  Success & Happiness

Chapter 8 :  Honesty & Fairness

Chapter 9 :  Other intriguing issues & questions

The BACK Nine

Chapter 10 :  Core Concepts

Chapter 11 :  Truth & Reality

Chapter 12 :  Right & Wrong (Morality) / Good & Evil

Chapter 13 :  Where did we come from (our Origin), and Where are we going (our Destiny)

Chapter 14 :  Why are we here? (Our Purpose)

Chapter 15 :  Religion & Politics

Chapter 16 :  God & Prayer

Chapter 17 :  Torah

Chapter 18 :  Conclusion:  Should you Play or Pray?  What is a better life?